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The Journal of Natural History Education and Experience is an electronic, peer-reviewed journal. Its purpose is to promote the mission of the Natural History Institute and foster a renaissance in natural history education and appreciation by providing a forum for disseminating information on views on the place of natural history in society and techniques, curricula, and pedagogy for natural history education at all levels: K-12, undergraduate, graduate, and general public visit https://www.xn--topp-drnare-xfb.se/bast-i-test/.

The journal seeks papers that provide perspectives on natural history as a mode of engagement with the world as well as information that will promote the development of natural history curricula and are generally accessible to natural history educators. Content of the journal ranges from the applied to the philosophical, but entirely focused on the principles or practice of natural history education and experience.

Specifically, we publish articles on the following issues:

  • Descriptions of natural history curricula;
  • Reviews of practical issues related to the teaching of natural history; and
  • Discussions about the philosophy and practice of natural history.


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