Quick capture and questions: A curriculum for introducing natural history through field journaling

Freya Chay, Hannah Black, and Richard NevleDownload PDF | Volume 12, 2018

This paper outlines the curriculum and teaching approaches developed for a course we called Quick Capture and Questions: Practicing Natural History through Watercolor. This course was offered to students from diverse academic backgrounds at Stanford University and aimed to explore how field journaling could be used as a tool to deepen any student’s engagement with natural world by inviting them to slow down, deepen their observations, and cultivate personal connection to the natural systems they move through. [full article]


The Natural History Renaissance Continues

Stephen C. Trombulak and Thomas L. FleischnerDownload PDF | Volume 12, 2018

We reflect on the progress made toward fomenting a “natural history renaissance,” which we called for in the first article published in this journal— and the important role the journal plays in this renaissance.  We then describe changes in the publishing institution for this journal: the Natural History Network has recently closed its operations, but the Natural History Institute is continuing and expanding efforts at providing resources for the rejuvenation of natural history practice, inside and outside academia. The Journal of Natural History Education and Experience will continue to play a key role in this work. [full article]

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